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Strena Creatives Lightning

Learn all about the STRENA culture! Discover our story, team, and our reason for being.

Aruba's Best Marketing Team
Strena Creatives Lightning

Our Story

Strena Creatives started out of the realization that marketing on Aruba is truly, in its essence, completely unique. No amount of online research can equip you with the knowledge and skills it takes to successfully take your marketing to another level on such a small island.

But instead of seeing this as a limitation, we see it as a canvas for our own creativity. We aim to build our own framework dedicated to island-marketing, one that is as unique as Aruba itself and embodies the island's voice, people and culture.

Our company began as a one-woman show, but as we grew, so did our team. We are now comprised of a team of 3 working to create electrifying magic for our clients and bring our Strena Vision to life.

Marketing Specialist Aruba

Nanni Larmonie

Marketing Specialist
& Owner

Marketing Specialist Aruba

Xaui Thijsen

Creativity Captain
& Project Manager

Marketing Specialist Aruba

Sienna Janssen

Community Coordinator
& Designer



To revolutionize the standard of marketing and events in Aruba and be the leading, most reliable, and most creative company on the island in our field.


We strive to empower businesses on Aruba to break away from the status quo by offering island-specific solutions and creating unique strategies. Our clients can depend on us to electrify their ambitions and drive them forward in the right direction.


 Offer new ideas that are inventive and impactful

 In our strategies, our content, and our practices

We stand firm in our principles, provoke thought, and invite constructive discussion


We believe in the power of unity, collaboration,

and building stronger connections


Our clients are the thunder to our lightning. We will always strive to deliver the best service and navigate them through any challenge.

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